What we do

We will help people through different projects

Construct a church and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ

All people are equally valuable and loved by God. We want to bring hope and salvation to those who do not believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, and establish a Church where we can help believers develop spiritually and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ.

Organizing and leading social projects 

We want to provide and help with basic needs to those living in poverty. We will provide healthcare for people that can not afford such service. We will organizing and build a youth senter and a activity center for the elderly.

Seminars and teachings

We will organize seminars with teachings on important topics such as marriage, family, sexuality, drugs, alcohol among other topics and the guide to have a better and harmonious life. These seminars and teachings will be based on the word of God and will offer a practical guide to resolve conflicts that arise within families, relationships and society.

Help people into jobs

We want all persons who are capable to get a job to provide for their basic needs. Unemployment often leads to poverty, drinking problems and criminality.

How Your Support Helps

Prayer support – We believe God will open possibilities for our mission.

Financial support – Will give us the opportunity to carry out our projects.

Become a collaboration partner – Together we can do more.

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Contact info


+1 973 870 1594 (USA)
+ 47 901 65 071 (Norway)


Org. Number: 0450934417