Seminars and teaching

Seminars and teaching will be rooted in the Scriptures

Subjects rooted in the Scriptures

We arrange seminars on different subjects such as marriage, family, and relationships. Our teaching will always be rooted in the Scriptures, drawing from the wisdom and teachings found within the Bible. We will help participants understand the relevance of God’s Word to their personal lives, addressing common challenges, struggles, and questions with the hope and grace of Jesus.

Discussion and reflections

We provide opportunities for reflection, encouraging participants to examine their own lives in light of the Gospel message. Through interactive discussions and exercises, we foster an environment that promotes self-reflection, personal growth, and spiritual transformation.

Provide reading materials

Moreover, our seminars extend beyond the delivery of information. We provide resources such as study guides, recommended reading materials, and access to the bibel and other christian materials that further support participants’ spiritual growth and understanding of the Gospel.

Prayer as part of our seminars

Prayer is a integrated part of our seminars. We seek God’s guidance, wisdom, and anointing as we present the Gospel, trusting in the Holy Spirit to touch hearts, open minds, and bring about genuine life change.

How Your Support Helps

Your financial support will provide resources such as study guides, recommended reading materials, and access to the bibel.

Your support will also cover the rental expenses for the seminar venue when needed. If we can arrange a seminar at a local church we will prioritize such a facility.

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