Building church and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ

We are dedicated to build Gods Church and
assisting individuals in finding faith in Jesus Christ.

Preaching in the Church

We who believe in Jesus Christ are committed to proclaiming his message of love, hope and salvation to the world. We will build a Church where we will preach with boldness, compassion, love and authenticity and make disciples of Christ.

Our approach will be characterized by genuine concern for the people we meet with and will seek to understand their unique needs and challenges. We will have meaningful conversations, listen carefully, and offer Christian fellowship filled with hope, love, and mutual respect. Where Jesus is our focus in all aspects of our life, proclaiming that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to save us from our sin, is the only way to God and that only he can offer us eternal life.

Preaching in homes

Our ministry in homes will prioritize building trust and fostering open dialogue. Through heartfelt conversations, we will share personal testimonies and experiences of how Jesus has impacted our lives, demonstrating His relevance and power to transform.

In our interactions, we will adapt our message based on the word of God, which responds to the specific needs and concerns of each home. We will communicate the central message of the Gospel with clarity, compassion, and respect.

We will also spread the Gospel message by distributing tracts and Bibles, as well as facilitating connections with our local church.

Preaching on the streets

We, as believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, are committed to spreading His message of love, hope, and salvation to the world. Taking our mission to the streets, we will proclaim the Good News of salvation with boldness, compassion, and authenticity.

We will engage in meaningful conversations, listening attentively, and offering a message of hope and salvation through believing in Jesus Christ.

We will also spread the Gospel message by distributing tracts and Bibles on the streets, as well as inviting people to our local church.

Preaching in youth camps and elderly activity center

Our ministry will establish and build both a youth camp and an elderly activity center. Through these services we will be able to help and establish good relationship with the participants and encourage to open dialogue and questions related to the the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We believe that by communication the central message of the Gospel with clarity, compassion, and respect, will lead to a transformed life that will help the people to a better life.

How Your Support Helps

Your financial support will help us construct a new church building where we can preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and make disciples. Trusting that God will use our efforts to bring salvation, hope and eternal life to those who accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Juan Martinez Polanco,

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